90 Days
$180K Investment
Increased property value by $500K

My client was raised in her family home since it was purchased in 1963. The home was completely original and after her parents' passings, she contacted me about selling. I laid out the options: sell the property in the current condition or invest money to prepare the home to attract the modern buyer.

We discussed the significant delta in price that the family could realize and how I had the resources to provide the funds necessary to complete the project, so no money was out of her pocket while the property was being prepared for sale. By utilizing my General Contractor license, I was able to leverage quality tradesmen and get direct pricing to save my client money every step of the way.

I set my client's expectations on costs, timing and the kind of return on investment (ROI) that would be realized at sale. We stayed on task and on time, and completed this significant update in three months, right as expected.

We invested $180,000 and increased the property value by $500k! That's a $320,000 return on investment (almost double!). The siblings are each putting over $100,000 extra in their pockets because of my vision and execution.

The Punch List:

  • Prepared drawings and obtained permits for kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and all new HVAC system including all new ducting (including in walls).
  • Demo'd kitchen and 3 bathrooms. Minor reframing, removed ceiling soffit, pocket door, etc. Moved master closet entry door and installed pocket door at primary bathroom. Removed all construction debris.
  • Rough electrical for inspection at kitchen and bathroom. Brought to code compliant for inspector. Installed recessed lighting with dimmer switches throughout.
  • Added new copper water service from street to main house, all new copper lines and cleanout in front for future needs. Moved sink plumbing and drainage to fit cabinets. Installed refrigerator water box and washing machine water box. All rough plumbing and drainage for kitchen and bathrooms including adding double sinks at both upstairs bathrooms with vent pipe, etc.
  • Removed existing heating and air-conditioning system. Re-routed a few duct locations and installed all new flex ducting and return air including ducting from in walls. Installed new Bryant 3.5 ton unit and 80,000 BTU 95% furnace. Relocated kitchen exhaust hood and relocated air-conditioning compressor to side yard.
  • Drywall work throughout including gypsum board and new framing walls, patches throughout, removed soffit and installed primary closet door.
  • Removed existing iron stair railing and custom made a new hand railing with vertical spindles and white oak banister. Installed kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities.
  • Extended existing hardwood flooring to match throughout house and refinished all hardwood with final matte coating.
  • Prepped shower and tub walls with lathe for tile installation. Installed tile in 3 bathrooms including flooring.
  • New stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • Interior and exterior painting throughout including walls, doors, trim, etc.
  • Selected and installed new custom kitchen quartz countertops with waterfall edges.
  • Selected and installed all new finish trim: plumbing, electrical, mirrors, etc. throughout.
  • Front and backyard landscaping including new irrigation (automatic sprinklers and drip), new trees, new backyard paver patio, new grass and bark mulch, etc.

We're thrilled with the top ROI Nick helped us achieve from the sale of our home. Living out of the area, we needed someone trustworthy. Nick not only earned our complete confidence but delivered outstanding results, making the entire process painless. His unique vision for what would fetch top dollar, coupled with the unmatched capability to execute remodels, ensured a quick sale at a price that more than justified our investments. Working with Nick was the key to a successful and lucrative sale.

Numamoto Family

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