My clients' firsthand experiences speak volumes, and are included on my website to offer you valuable insights into the exceptional service I provide. If you would like to speak directly with my client references to hear their experiences firsthand, I'd be happy to connect you.

Emilie and Arnaud

Nick French made selling our home a seamless experience. Living abroad in France, we entrusted Nick to handle every aspect of the listing preparation, from home items to boots-on-the-ground logistics. His dedication and competence made the process easy, and we wholeheartedly recommend him. In fact, we've referred Nick to numerous friends who have also experienced the exceptional service he provides. 

Emilie and Arnaud
Saori K.

Nick is a gem of a real estate agent. He helped me and my husband with purchase of two homes in the Bay Area, including our very first in San Carlos followed by our second home in Los Altos. In each instance, he helped us connect with an option at the earliest stage possible and was instrumental in finalizing the purchases (even when we felt that we were not the highest bidders). His dedication and client service are exceptional. He brings experience to the table that is unmatched by others based on our experience working with other real estate agents in the area. In addition, he is a good friend and brought a sense of humor even at the most challenging moments in our house search in the Bay Area. He stuck with us for 14 months - house tours almost several times a month. He always made us feel like we were the most important clients. We will never go to another real estate agent for as long as we are in this area! You will not regret working with him. 

Saori K.
Dirk O.

5 Stars for Nick! He has sold 2 houses for me. In this last transaction (February 2018), Nick was able to get multiple offers (7 total) and close on a selling price that was +20% above the asking price. That was big for my family and real $$$ in my pocket! Also, in getting the property prepared for the market, Nick was on top of every detail using his own network of Contractors and his experience in Staging the property. This was a very affordable solution that no other Real Estate Agent can compete against. Everybody put skin in the game and the results are outstanding. Thanks Nick once again for a job well done! 

Dirk O.
Darryl S.

Nick did a great job selling my home! I was moving out of the state and looking to move quickly because I had already bought another home. Nick told me to just leave anything I didn't want to take with me at the house, and he would have his team remove the stuff and donate, recycle or trash it, as appropriate. After I was done packing all the stuff I wanted to take with me, I moved out of state and left the house in Nick's hands. To get the home ready to sell, Nick remodeled the two bathrooms and did quite a bit of other work that didn't necessarily "need" to be done, but that added quite a bit to boost the value of the home. Nick was able to get the work done quickly and at a reasonable cost, and got the house on the market. The house looked great when Nick was done! Much better than when I left it. We received multiple strong offers for the house after Nick held an open house the first weekend and we agreed to a selling price with a buyer the following week. Nick then guided us through escrow and the sale went through without any significant glitches. I was very happy with the selling price of the home and with the entire process. It seemed like Nick's main goals in selling my house were to get the house on the market quickly, while keeping costs down, get a good selling price, and make the whole process as easy for me as possible. He succeeded on all of his goals. I really appreciate how easy Nick made it for me! 

Darryl S.
Asit G.

Nick is a a fantastic realtor and professional. He has helped us through several property purchases / sales, and we would never consider another realtor. He understands Los Altos area extremely well and cares deeply about finding the right home for his clients. When we bought our last home in Los Altos Hills, he took the time upfront to educate us, understand our needs and guided us through the search. He was dedicated to finding the "dream home" for us and never pressured us to lean in. To the contrary, on multiple occasions he pointed out challenges on the home or location that we couldn't have thought about ourselves. He is well respected and works collaboratively with others and as a result was able to leverage his personal capital in the industry to find properties that weren't yet listed. His knowledge of the area and his relationships were also a huge assert during the bid process. Twice during our search he pulled us back from "overbidding" and explained why he thought what the right price was for teh property. On the flip side when we sold our last home in Los Altos, he was on the money when it came to pricing, set up and helping us find the right buyers at a great value. What truly sets him apart though is his genuine passion for his job, and his deep care for his clients. Relationship with Nick lasts way after you have completed the transaction. He really wants his clients to be happy, nay delighted, with their home and even 3 years now after our purchase he continues to check in and help us with all sorts of things when they come up - chasing down solar energy company, finding us a plumber, advising on property tax negotiations - you name it. 

Asit G.

We just moved from the Seattle area and Nick was referred to us part of a corporate relocation. Earlier this year, during a highly competitive seller's market, Nick helped us to find our home in a lovely part of Los Altos. It was a long journey (9th offer's a charm!) but he was ALWAYS patient and responsive, and provided sound guidance every step of the way. Even after we secured our home, Nick helped us to do some repair, painting, and small renovations prior to move-in. He has working relationships with some great contractors which helped us tremendously. You can trust that he has your best interests at heart! 

Sunny E.

Nick was recommended to us by an office colleague when we were already exploring houses independently and had just recently engaged with another real estate agent to begin our home buying journey in 2019. I still remember the first meeting we had with him where he not only came across as an astute real estate professional but also somebody who we could be friends with for a long time. He listened to each of our requirements very patiently and assured us that he will do his homework in surveying the market for the most suitable houses. We loved his phased approach where on each of our visits, he showed us houses with different characteristics which helped us build a lot of clarity on what we really wanted - e.g. single family home vs townhouse, neighborhood, community, commute, budget etc. This is really helpful as first time home buyers and helped narrow down our preferences to the home that we felt super confident in buying. We loved the way he could walk into any home and quickly pinpoint the pros and cons of buying it (as if he already knew all the homes in the area) - also telling us ways where the cons could be mitigated if we wanted to really buy the place. Time is a precious commodity and he made sure he optimized it to its last drop where we could still make an informed decision by extensively covering all dimensions but also not wasting a lot of time in homes with repeated characteristics. I still remember what he said to us: "The last thing I want is make you buy a house which you regret later, so we really need to sleep over any decision that we make, with all the data points at hand." We ended up buying a place which always makes us wonder: "Thank God we bought this and moved in! " Another benefit with Nick is that he has a great network of people who can help with fixing things in your home and that helped us get our home ready to move in super quick. He is still a friend who I can reach out to for any questions I have about the real estate market and definitely the only real estate professional I can trust for buying/selling property in the future. Thank you, Nick! 

Abhishek J.

Two different groups of friends recommended Nick to us. Just as our friends described, Nick is extremely knowledgable about the real estate market in the Bay area. During our first chat, Nick explained advantages and disadvantages of buying a house in the cities which we were interested in. As first-time buyers, we really had no clue of our preferences. Nick was extremely patient with us and showed us houses nearly every weekend for a couple of months till we were able to clearly prioritize our housing needs and preferences. Nick was always focusing on our long-term happiness of the purchase. At some point, we saw a house at a great location on the market. We almost sent an offer. Nick suggested us to take a look at a slightly smaller house with a lower price. Knowing us, he thought we would fall in love with the place and should take a look at it before we bid for the other place. And he was so right! We loved how bright the whole place is, the little garden, and that fact that it was in a great school district. The place is perfect for us and especially for our son. So with Nick's recommendation, we got a slightly smaller place with lower price, but couldn't be happier. During the pandemic, we are using our house so much (as everyone else) and always grateful that we have such a great agent who helped us found our dream house. We strongly recommend Nick to anyone who's looking to buy a house in the Bay area! 

Yq X.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick for the past 4+ years. I was introduced to him through a friend's referral who worked with him in the purchase of their home. My experience in working with him has been nothing short of fantastic. He's highly detail oriented, quick to respond to questions, extremely helpful, patient and kind. I think the reason why he's so good at what he does is because you can really tell that he enjoys what he does. It's not just a paycheck to him. He's also not looking to have you buy the first home you see. He really seeks to ensure that you're happy with the home you purchase with no regrets. Even after buying the home, he's there to help with any questions. It's not just buying a home at the best possible price, but finding the right home. There were countless occasions Nick steered us away from homes we thought were a good fit. He was quick to point out why it wouldn't work. In retrospect, he was right. His advice and council saved us from buying a home we would not have been happy in. He's one of the few agents I know who goes above and beyond. While purchasing a home can feel transactional at times, he definitely treats the home buying and ownership process as a long-term relationship. Whenever I have questions, he always seems to have the right answer or has a person for the job! There have been countless occasions where his recommendations have both saved me money and time. There aren't many people that I would write recommendations for. But, Nick is definitely in a league of his own. He's a person that will take care of you and make you feel like you're his only client. I really can't say enough about him. If you're looking for an agent, Nick is your guy! 

Carey L.

Nick has been the our realtor for 3 different transactions over last decade. It doesn't take long for you to notice his friendly & warm demeanor, honest approach to everything & dependable nature. He helped us buy our first home few years ago. He took time to understand our need, budget and guided us well with every step in the process. He always had excellent set of options to take us for tours & never hesitated to help us vet the ones we found as well. Overtime , we felt in sync with our needs that, even when me or my wife had to skip a tour, his opinion was good enough for us to move ahead to disclosures or skip the house. After careful consideration, he helped us land in a home which has been place of fond memories for us. For a first time transaction, it was pretty painless & smooth process. Few years later now, when we wanted to upgrade the house due to changing needs, he helped us understand the market, worked with us to zero in on the neighborhoods that match our needs. He constantly brought in options which were excellent. He was also quite upfront in the ones where it was quite competitive. Finally he not only has helped land us home of our liking with a smoothest possible transition, he got our other home to market in shortest time and has been able to find best buyer as well. His ethics, his honesty & his thorough knowledge of this business along with a friendly & authentic approach, has been the key for us to go back to him for 3 transactions now & would like to do more when the needs comes for us as well. His knowledge of housing is so good that every time we go for a tour, it's very informational and helps us see the property through a clear eye to identify pit falls & potentials.. this makes tours with him very productive & useful as well. Overall, we are quite grateful to Nick for all our transactions and looking forward to future engagements as well. I have also consistently referred him to my friends & family and would not hesitate a bit to refer him to anyone who wishes to buy or sell home in Bay Area! 

Balaji G.

We've known Nick since 2013 when he was recommended to us by a colleague and helped us buy our first house. Since then he's helped us get another house and sell the first one. Our experience for each of these transactions has been exceptional - he helped us buy the first house off market before it was listed, for what ended up being a great price. A few years later, he sold the house for the peak price at that time, helping make very thoughtful upgrades before selling. And he helped us buy our current house in Mountain View / Los Altos in the super hot 2017 market, and following it up with reasonable upgrades so we didn't have to put any work after moving in. Both times we were buying our initial plan was a different city than where we ended up. Nick took the time to understand what we were looking for and educated us on the pros/cons for different places - having lived a few years in our home, we see how valuable his insights and recommendations were. Also both times we bought, the market was hot and moving up - he helped us be thoughtful and avoid making panic decisions when some offer wasn't accepted. Nick has worked in the area for a while and has a good network. He connected us to neighbors, other parents, etc. when we needed something specific. We still call him when we need information or advice. We have recommended him to friends and colleagues who have all had positive results working with him. 

Shakti S.

I'm not an experienced home buyer and I only worked with a handful of agents, but I had the pleasure to work with Nick twice. He helped us to buy our first home, which is always tough, and then to sell it too. Since I now also have experience of buying another home using other agents (in a different area), I have some impressions to compare. What makes the most difference is: Nick truly tries to understand what you need as a buyer and make you're as happy with the purchase as possible. In our case that meant showing different options from the whole range of possibilities, so we could better understand what is realistically achievable, and he got a sense of what we're looking for. Nick was honest in his opinions on every house we checked, and highlighted both positive and negative sides, which is a great help for an inexperienced buyer. This makes a great contrast to the other agents we worked with, that usually stay silent to see your own impression and then just support whatever you say, without providing any useful additional insights, which makes it your duty to find any problems. Nick's strategy is smarter I think: it is not his priority to sell you some random property as soon as possible, take his share and leave. Instead he is establishing long-term relationships and growing his customer base, a network of people who will come back for their future needs. And it works, it was a no-brainer for us to call Nick again when we decided to sell the place. The whole process was effortless: move out, sign some papers and pick the offer. Repairs, staging, etc were all taken care of. And then we also got a Christmas ball with the picture of our sold house as a surprise present, it was very touching! Bottom line: I truly wish we were able to find someone like Nick in the area we moved to. Our buying experience would've been much better, and we would probably avoid several pitfalls that we have to deal with now. 

Konstantin S.

Nicholas is an amazing agent, but more importantly he has your best interest in mind. He was instrumental in helping us find our first home in Santa Clara. He is incredibly patient, warm and thoughtful. We met every weekend for months and every meeting with him helped us get closer and narrow down what we wanted from a home. Not only was his advice useful, Nick built a great rapport with the seller's agent and that made all the difference in the world. This saved us thousands of dollars. Nick is so amazing that years after we bought the home, he still answers every question of mine and gives me very prudent advice. I consider it my good fortune to have met and known Nick. I highly recommend Nick to every one and I consider him a part of our extended family. 

Rahul R.

Nick lets his work do the talking and his referrals do his bidding. He was referred to us by friends. And after we bought our place through him, we did the same. And none of it was him asking. Nick is extremely knowledgeable, not pushy, knows how to close deals and very personable. I can't recommend him enough. 

Keyur S.

We recently worked with Nick to buy our new place and sell our old house. Nick is the 'Steve Jobs' equivalent in the real estate world. He has an uncanny ability to truly understand what his clients want and then figure out how to get them the 'home' (not a house) that they will love. He has a very good team of contractors and takes care of everything from beginning to end. Nick also has a very good reputation in the valley that is second to none. The care that Nick showed during the process is unparalleled. Just trust him- you will be fine! Thanks Nick! 

Andy R.

We bought our current house with Nick back in 2018 summer. He was referred and highly recommended by two of our coworkers, who also bought their houses with him. Later, I also recommended Nick to one of my other colleagues who is also very happy with his service. Here are the points I enjoyed most working with Nick: 1. Nick is extremely patient. He is not that kind of agent who just wants to quickly close a deal and walk away. As a new buyer then, my wife and I were not exactly sure what we needed most and what could be in lower priority. Nick was super helpful and patient to help us discover our most important needs through touring a lot of houses and asking our questions in order to help us locate the right house. 2. Nick is very professional. As soon as he walks into a house, he can quickly find and locate the potential problems and risks of it. He is able to provide you his professional opinion on the pros and cons related to a house's structure, plumbing, appliances and etc., so you have a clear idea on what need to be taken into consideration when making an offer. 3. Nick values his relationship with his clients very much. He is willing to help his clients in many ways even after closing the deals. Among all the people I know who worked with him, they all "heard" good words of him from someone else: a true powerful example of word-of-mouth effect. :) 

Kevin H.

It has been a true privilege to have known and worked with Nick for over 20 years in and out of the Bay Area - both as our realtor and most importantly as a close family friend. When we had to sell our Mountain View property, and buy into where we have been happily in our current home in Los Altos Hills for over 10 years - and it wouldn't have been possible without Nick. He has been the most trustworthy, dependable, professional, and sincerely caring partner and friend you could wish for. Not only is he an amazing and awesome realtor - he is an amazing and awesome person - you can always trust him and depend on him to be on your side to help you reach the best possible outcome. Whenever we have any issues or questions about our house, or the Bay Area real estate market - yes, even now - Nick will always offer the most friendly, kind, and sincere advise and guidance. Nick has always had a great network of professionals who can be trusted to help with anything related to our house and property. And his network is so deep and broad - I also seek his advice on things beyond real estate, which has also been a very satisfying experience :-) My wife, kids, and myself are truly thankful to Nick for everything he has done - and continues to do - for us, not only to help us with our property, but as an amazing friend and partner. Based on the glowing positive reviews I'm reading from others, I'm not surprised at all - Nick is Nick, always has been and always will be. Huge thank you and sincere gratitude to Nick - truly awesome man!!! 

Ken L.

We have Known Nick French for more than a decade, we met him first when he was helping my childhood friend buy a house in Saratoga. He later helped us find a place to build in Saratoga. Our requirements were pretty rigid, we we were particular about the orientation of the land, and a property that is rightly priced so we can tear it down for a custom development. During the process, Nick was not just a realtor helping us acquire the property - he became an advisor on various aspects of construction. Including suggestion an architect and the builder. Mayu and I used in consult with him on various aspects of the design of the house - especially around space management, lighting and choices for interiors. We consider him part of our extended family. Btw - during the last decade, we recommend him to several of our close fiends in bay-area, he helped them buy houses around The Bay Area. Contact me if you want to know more about Nick! 

Ram J.

We learnt about Nick from our friends, who shared very positive experience working with him during their home buying phase. We were new to home buying experience and were also not sure about requirements in the beginning. Nick worked with us very patiently and stayed curious on our needs, also shared very good insights on what are the typical needs of a family of our size and phase. It helped us clarify better on what we need. Eventually, we could get a house at the best price possible in the market, with great location(I must say we were ourselves not thinking several dimensions of our own needs as well as projection of property value in coming years) and quality. Our relationship with Nick did not end in finding the house, he has been very helpful in figuring out with us what other improvements we can do to make our experience better in the house, helped us find a good setup to rent our previous place, as well as always sharing great insights of the market and other improvements. If I have to ever buy/sell any property, I am doubtlessly going to work with Nick on the basis of his market research, skills he possess to learn the needs, help he provide in figuring out requirements and improving the experience for living in the house or using the property. We recommended Nick to several other friends and family, all of them enjoyed working with him! 

Pallavi A.

Nick was referred to us by some close friends and we started working together in Jan 2020. Buying a house is a journey and we are so glad we had Nick as our partner in that. When we started it, we weren't even sure about the general area (San Mateo vs South Bay) and had no clue about what to optimize for as first time home buyers. Thankfully, Nick helped us navigate the ambiguity and pressure test our requirements to reach the clarity we desperately needed. Nick was available over email, text and calls and made time to respond to our queries and concerns. We never felt rushed in the process. In fact, we almost made offers on a couple houses and Nick talked us out of them as he had the insight/experience to look for the quality of electrical fixtures, background noise, builder's reputation, superfund zones etc. We ended up buying a house in June 2020 and we love to call it our home. The extra space has been a blessing for us and we love the location and community. Nick made the closing process very smooth for us. We wanted to make some upgrades before and after moving in and Nick helped us by connecting with experienced professionals he had worked with in the past. Thank you Nick! 

Parthsarthi M.

I've had the chance to work with Nick on and off for 10 plus years. Whether it was getting the right offer in or pricing a home right, he always gave me the good, bad and ugly of every transaction. Very honest (which is rare in the business) and always reliable. 

John V.

I worked with Nick on my first home. We stared the home search from June 2019, and finally closed the property on December. It was a long process, given the hot market, my high expectation and limited budget. But Nick was patient and helpful, locating the best property I could ever imagine. The negotiation was hard, and we faced the bidding war, but Nick's experience and advice played a very important role. I'm now looking for my 2nd home, and I'm using Nick's help again. 

Teng W.

My husband and I met Nick way back in 2003 when we were looking to purchase a house in Cupertino. We were instantly impressed with his affability, flexibility, enthusiasm, and most importantly his thorough knowledge of the real estate market and local communities. In these eighteen years, Nick has been a realtor, a dear friend, real estate advisor, and recently, property manager to us. After a smooth and successful home-buying experience, we recommended Nick to our friends who in turn recommended him to several of theirs and so on and on...What better testimonial can there be for Nick's stellar qualities as a real estate agent? We had interacted with other realtors prior to meeting Nick. But what sets him apart are his thorough professionalism, incisive real estate market knowledge, and his laser focus on prioritizing his client's needs. I never fail to admire his ability to keep all his current and past clients happy, form life-long professional and personal bonds with them and send quarterly real estate newsletters to inform and educate everyone. Whenever we need advice on home improvements or real estate investments, we approach Nick. He has excellent recommendations for contractors and handymen who are reasonably priced and do very good work. If you are a first time home buyer (or second or third) or looking to buy an investment property, Nick is your destination. I recommend him unreservedly for all your real estate needs. 

C I.

Prior to working with Nick French, my husband and I worked with multiple real estate agents in the San Francisco Bay Area. We worked with Nick to both buy and sell a home. Nick is the most knowledgeable agent we have ever worked with. He knows the local real estate market better than anyone. He grew up in the SF Bay Area and has a photographic memory of listings (both prices and floor plans). He is incredible! He has phenomenal ability to spot the best value in homes and works with a team of contractors to help fix things up. Nick moves mountains for his clients and gives great advice to his clients. In the competitive real estate market in the SF Bay Area, we believe that Nick helped us to close on the house when we were in a competitive bidding environment. You want to have Nick on your side if you want to buy or sell a home in the SF Bay Area 

Barbara S.

We worked with Nick to buy our home last year. I would work with again in an instant. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Real Estate market in the South Bay and Peninsula and very easy to work with. He is super sharp and was quickly able to understand our needs and we got to work. He opened our eyes to San Carlos which was not on our radar at all. This was our 4th home so we've worked with other RE agents and I give EXTRA credits to agents who talk clients out of buying a house that isn't right for them and Nick did exactly that and we are so glad he did for a home we saw in Belmont but would have likely turned out to be a lemon. On the first day we moved into the new home, we had a pipe burst and in the panic of what to do since we didn't know any local plumbers, the first person I called was Nick. He has helped with with advise on other real estate investments and also referred tradesmen to us for various home projects. Every single interaction with Nick is professional and he's on point and brings a lot of ideas/thoughtful points to any question we've raised with him! And the best part is he is honest about this feedback and will tell you exactly what he sees as pros and cons of every house we saw. Thanks Nick!! 

Insi L.

Nick came recommended highly to us by a close friend and we are glad we made the switch to working with him. He was a great listener when it came to knowing our requirements, spent time building intuition for the homes that might work well for us given our budget and actively advocated for us during the entire process. He was very flexible and readily available when setting up tours or time to discuss properties and was very supportive during the closing process. We had a great experience working with him and would happily recommend him to our friends! 

Navneet K.

I am lagging in my follow up of the hard work Nick put into finding me a home, so I'm finally getting off my couch and sharing a "thank you" for some amazing service. I presented Nick with some challenges. My budget was not your typical Silicon Valley home buying budget yet Nick treated me like I had come to the table with a zillion dollars. He was kind, respectful, funny, patient and worked hard to make my family's dream come true. It was not an easy road (nothing to do with Nick and everything to do with my budget), and we had some issues with the renters who left everything and a seller that did not clear the property as per contract. Nick helped me with that unexpected issue, going way above and beyond. I even referred him to a friend who also was very happy. I've never met anyone in the business who was as genuine, kind, and willing to work for you as Nick. 

SJGal L.

Nick is a trusted advisor to me and my wife. We were fortunate to meet Nick when we were looking for our first home. Since then, we were able to make right decisions purchasing homes through his advice. Even after purchase of our home, I regularly contact him to get an advice around anything relating to housing, renovation and about the community we are in. On any one off question whether it is small or random, he does not hesitate to answer your question promptly and with honesty. I would never enter into any real estate transactions without calling him first. 

Seungbum Y.

This review is far overdue, more like a decade overdue!! But we cant thank Nick just ENOUGH for helping us through our journey of our first home in 2011 and now our second- hopefully our final retirement home :) We met Nick in 2010 when we moved to the bay area, we were just so impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge and more than anything else - his care for really what your family needs and what's the best for you. I loved this house on Cuesta Drive (it was updated and more reasonably priced than other properties) and Nick's advise was not to go for that home, he was very persistent and convincing. He explained to us again and again that with little kids, we cannot be on the busy streets for safety reasons. And now I totally understand and value his opinion so very much. He waited and kept looking for a year and helped us find a perfect first home on a much nicer street and worked through all details so smoothly which we were completely unaware of as a first time home buyer. We were then ready to upgrade and it took Nick almost 4 years of patience with us and with the same level of detailed knowledge and commitment to find us our dream home, we just closed on our new home. Nick is not transactional! He reviewed all details very closely and made sure that anything that needed to be fixed or rectified was taken care of before the move date. He helped us tremendously and continues to help us with all of his team of referrals of handyman, electrician, painter, pool guy, landscaping architect, gardener etc. His ultimate goal is to make you happy :) and he does a great job with that! We highly recommend him!! Its been a pleasure knowing and working with him. 

Neha S.

We worked with Nick French when buying a home in Los Altos back in 2013. He is a true professional, and goes above and beyond. He is truly one of the hardest working people I've met, which is saying a lot in Silicon Valley. Nick worked with us for many months while we waited to find the right home. He educated us about different areas, home types, etc. Nick was patient and never tried to push us into something that wasn't a good fit. Nick also has a knack for explaining things in understandable terms, without dumbing things down. When we found the right home, he helped us put together a winning offer, helped arrange for financing, inspection, etc. He helped take care of everything. What really impressed me about Nick though is the service he has provided *after* we closed the deal. Nick is a great source of referrals for all kinds of contractors: pool demo, handyman, appliance repair, plumbing, gardening, you name it! His referrals are always a good value: affordable and high quality. He took the time to review our remodeling plans and provided his feedback. When we had some trouble with some tenants at our rental home in San Jose (which Nick was not involved in the purchase of), he volunteered to help out for free, giving advice, and eventually stepping in as a property manager. He is still helping us manage that property, years later! We have recommended Nick to several friends, and everyone that I know that has worked with him has been very happy with his work. It sometimes makes me wish that I had millions of extra dollars, only so that I could purchase more homes with Nick's help. Only sometimes though... 

Erik M.

Now that we've completed our new home construction on the parcel that Nick helped us purchase, it's time to write a review. From the first mention of the listing through the entire process of vetting the land and purchasing the parcel, Nick was always there to help. I've used realtors 7 times in my life (each to purchase a different property/home), and found Nick to be the most competent, realistic, and enjoyable of them all. He has great experience and is honest. When purchasing land, there are many pitfalls, and new land buyers (like ourselves) often don't even know what to ask! There are many questions about the suitability of the land for new home construction. Fortunately, Nick helped us throughout the entire process of "due diligence," and found a civil engineer and a geotechnical consultant. He was on site when both consultants walked the property with us. He provided insight and information far beyond our expectations. He even came with me to the San Mateo Environmental Health Services appointment when we reviewed the requirements for our septic system design before we purchased the property. After purchasing the parcel, Nick continued to help us with decisions regarding construction. Our construction is now complete, and we are thrilled with our new home - in part due to Nick's early input and guidance. Nick is a superb realtor and a terrific guy who really cares about his clients. Five stars isn't enough! 

Bart D.

Nick is simply *the best*. We moved from Chicago and closed on our new house at the start of the pandemic. We needed renovations done before we moved in and with Covid preventing travel we were super nervous about managing things remotely. Nick stepped in and handled things for us. He did a 10x better than we could have done ourselves, texted us regular photos of the updates, and made us feel completely at ease. He's a pro and more generally a great guy. We wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and give him our strongest possible recommendation. 

Neale M.

I've been a happy customer of Nick for 8 years, and have done multiple successful transactions with Nick, both buying and selling. Nick was introduced to us by a co-worker/good friend. We later recommended Nick to our closed friends too and got appreciated for this. Nick is down to earth, and attention to details. Nick was the one who educated us about what to look for when checking out building quality, yet Nick was humble and kind when introducing us to all these new information. It's always a pleasant experience to chat with Nick on housing related topics. Nick always makes us know a lot more about house after every conversation and feeling very comfortable. Nick also puts customer's benefit ahead of anything else. Whenever asked, Nick gives rational price estimates based on the most recent market stats, which have consistently helped us offering reasonable prices as buyers no matter how crazy the Bay Area housing market is. Nick never pushes us to overbid. Same applies to the situations when Nick represented us as the seller. Nick strategically fixed up and stage the house we planned to sell with the least amount of money to achieve amazing results and carefully analyzed different buyer offers for us, and successfully helped us getting a great offer without us spending any effort. Nick is also very resourceful. There was a time we wanted to buy a fixer upper house. Nick not only quickly did in-depth research on the value-add potential and challenges of different fix-up options, but also identified the professionals who are the exact right persons to work on each of these options, which helped us to make the right decision on whether or not to buy this house as well as how to fix it to maximize our investment return. All in all, as somebody who is super busy (well, actually super lazy) but is still interested in buying houses in the very competitive Bay Area, Nick is the perfect realtor to work with. I can totally trust Nick for his professional judgement, the level of attention I get, and the suggestions I get. I feel lucky to have Nick to help me save my time and energy during the house buying/selling process. Thank you Nick. 

Hui T.

I was referred to Nick by a coworker back in 2009. With his help I was able to purchase my first condo. As a single parent with a young child I was on a very tight budget and he worked with it. Also I was not sure of what area I could afford/had the best properties. Nick spend 2 months driving me around from property to property, giving me honest advice on property, fix costs, and overall neighborhood value. We found a short sale condo that checked all the boxes. It was rough 2 months as there's nothing short about it. He kept on top of the lenders, and helped me find temporary housing until I was able to move into my home. Fast forward to 2014. I was getting married and looking for a home for our growing family. Nick not only helped me sell my condo for top dollar (took care of prepping and staffing) but helped my future husband and I find our forever home. Again Nick spend many Saturdays driving us to different properties to help us understand what we could purchase in our budget, desired neighborhood, schools etc. He not only found us our forever home but helped us get it for under the asking price. We were able to close on our house the day before our wedding. Our house was tented and prepped for move in while we were on our honeymoon. I have referred Nick to numerous friends and coworkers. Nick is very easy going, extremely knowledgeable about the housing market, neighborhoods, properties, amenities, etc. He has great working relationships with other realtors and takes care of his clients. I always felt like his only client as he worked his schedule around mine (work, childcare, other obligations). 

Kat B.

Nick is an amazing realtor and a wonderful human being! We maintain a rapport with him to this day, cos of such wonderful memories we had when searching for our home. Nick stands out because of a combination of his multiple abilities including: being a very good listener and asking the right questions, his transparency and commitment to work for your best interests, a solid read on the market and an intimate knowledge of the micro-neighborhoods and his soft-skills and network. We got our dream home in hyper-competitive North Los Altos without breaking bank. We were accurately informed by Nick about costs to enhance the place when preparing our bid. So we knew ahead what was the real cost to acquire our abode...without any surprises. We can't thank Nick enough and he supports us to this day. I have connected Nick to at least half a dozen folks, who in turn also recommended him to some of their friends. I will end by saying we think of Nick fondly and he is close to our heart. 

R S.

I don't really like to write reviews, as it takes time. I value time a lot! However, Nick is totally worth my time. When I first encountered Nick, he suggested me write down my objectives in real estate and why I wanted to pursuit that. I did but was not convinced that I could make it. I showed him my plan without much confidence. He looked at me with a smile and said very lightly "It is easy, you can make it." I thought it would take 12, if not 10 years to meet my goal. He told me I could make it in less than 5 years. I stared at him with disbelief. However, his confidence also gave me some hope. This was the first page of my real estate journey. Then I started my learning with him. It was a fun and easy one. We would exchange a few property listings found online every now and then, and discuss what's good and bad of those properties. After a few weeks, I started getting a sense of what worth pursuing. In less than half a year, a wonderful opportunity presented. It was not an appealing place and the deal looked tough. However, he was very enthusiastic about it. I went with it. It turned out to be a very easy deal for me! (I only learnt that it was easy because it was done by Nick. If other agents, I would have gone through a lot of hurdles, then got frustrated, then.... don't think I would really make it!) After that, he suggested me go faster as the market was showing signs of recovery. Honestly, I was totally not prepared for such a speedy action, nor did I have any funding. He started brainstorming with me. Voila! I got the way! In fact, pretty risk free way! He said that I could meet my goal in less than 5 years. He was right! Looking back, I could have done even better had I implemented all of his suggestions. However, I did not totally understand what he said because of my limited knowledge back then. I am still glad that I took 60+% of his advices and still got very handsome reward. Also, after I reached my goal, I still have endless questions and issues with real estates. Nick is always there to answer my questions. A few times, my financial advisor kept telling me to sell my real estate investments. Nick kept telling me not to as it would be against my objectives, even though he would get paid if I sell. His advice is totally on my side, NOT his benefits. In fact, He does more than answering my questions. One time, when he learnt that I was facing a big issue, he went an extra mile to help me out, the way only a great friend would do. When I shared that with my friends, they could not believe how kind and supportive an agent/friend Nick is. It is a big blessing that I met Nick. 


Our family worked with Nick as our buyer's agent for our Menlo Park home. He was recommended by friends and from the start, he showed us his expertise in the areas we were looking at. Nick is a star agent and he really goes the distance, showing homes, giving solid advice regarding house condition and potential, and helping you win your next house. He even got us a contractor to fix minor issues in our new house. Our experience with Nick has been great and we still reach out to him for advice regarding our next moves. 

Dylan S.

Nick was recommended to by two friends separately when we were looking for our first home. Like many young families, we had little knowledge in home-buying, were confused by the different reputations of neighborhoods and school districts, as well as overwhelmed by the rising housing prices. We were looking to work with a realtor with good local knowledge and network, yet not too pushy. Our first meeting with Nick gave us a great impression with his deep understanding of the market and his friendly, easy-to-work-with style that ultimately made our home purchase process less stressful and more educational. He guided us through the entire process and helped us find our home within six months. We often reached out to Nick for real estate related questions, big and small, and he would answer with facts, his opinion and his honest advice. We have consulted him about our home remodeling project, home loans and refinance, as well as real estate investments. We found his recommendations on contractors, vendors and lenders helpful. Nick has become a good friend over the years and a trusted resource that we can rely on. Nick puts his expertise to not only in finding the next homes for his clients, but also to volunteer in the local community. One time, our son's teacher asked us to help recruit local realtors for a class project and Nick immediately came to mind. He kindly accepted our invitation and came to our elementary school to work with the students on a group writing and design project to market and sell a house. He also sat on a panel of realtors to answer the students' questions about being a real estate professional. When a student asked the panel how realtors know what their clients' needs were, while many talked about how one should ask the right questions and show different options, Nick stood out with his simple answer: "You listen to your clients" - and it is this attitude together with his unmatched knowledge and strong relationship building skills that set him apart. Since then, we have recommended Nick to a few friends who have found their new homes, who have nothing but good things to say about working with Nick. We are grateful to have worked with and became friends with Nick. We highly recommended Nick. 

Hilda C.

It's now our first anniversary at the home Nick helped us find, and we could not be happier. He was recommended to us by two friends whom he also helped find a home. It was a pleasure working with him and I'd like to highlight four reasons: -- Nick helped us understand our options and how they matched to our preferences based on our budget. -- Our search was interrupted due to the pandemic. As the pandemic spread, he advised us about the implications for the market. Once it was safe again, we restarted the search and found a home at a time where inventory was limited. -- Nick structured our offer and we got the home on the first attempt. -- Nick supported us in other areas of home buying, like recommending a lender as well as specialists to make changes we wanted before moving in. I'd definitely recommend you to work with him too. 

Samuel B.

Nick helped us with the purchase of a property in the South Bay and managed the rental process. He provided us with options that fit our need and provided pros and cons when we were looking. Our experience with Nick over the past 8 years has been excellent given his in depth experience and insight of the market, responsiveness and resourceful beyond just buying or selling a home. We can rely on his advice and really enjoy the partnership in working with Nick. 

E C.

Working with Nick was an absolute pleasure and we can't thank him enough for his patience, advice and final call on the house that we ended up purchasing. Our home buying journey was a long one, spanning multiple years and multiple realtors. In early years, we worked with a different realtor. However, we felt that they did not spend enough time on our search and did not really understand our needs and preferences. Finally, after a glowing recommendation from a co-worker, we switched to working with Nick. There was a night and day difference in our experience with Nick in comparison to the earlier realtor. We worked for a bit more than two years working with Nick before our eventual purchase. The long search period was solely due to us trying to figure out what we really liked that fit our needs as well as our budget, with our financial situation changing as well. Nick was extremely patient and we never felt rushed at any moment . Nick devoted a lot of time to understand our preferences, while advising us on the housing market as well as helping us zero in on our likes. Nick made this journey a stress-free one with his expertise, guidance, and smart judgement. Nick knows the market very well, and as a testament to this, helped us get an exceptional price for our final purchase. Even in the crazy and unpredictable housing market of COVID pandemic, Nick's price predictions were spot on. We have great respect for his understanding of the market and absolutely trust his judgement. Even after the purchase, Nick went above and beyond to ensure that our home was in tip-top shape to make us feel warm and comfortable. Not only did Nick help us find contractors for home updation, but also coordinated and monitored ongoing work to ensure completion within our tight move-in schedule. I highly recommend Nick and would absolutely work with him in future as well. 

Saurabh S.

As of the date of this posting in July 2021, I have had two large transactions (over $2.5M each) with Nick within a two year period. I met Nick in 2019 when I was renting a property in Mountain View. At that time, the owner wanted to sell the house and as such, needed us to vacate so he could list the property. Nick knew we did not want to move and facilitated a win/win transaction that allowed us to purchase the property. He had a pre-existing relationship with the seller but assured me that he would be objective and represent us equally. He walked the talk. In 2020, Nick helped my ex-wife and I sell our family residence in another location in Mountain View. My ex-wife and I had some different ideas and opinions on how to approach the sale and he worked with us in an equitable, collaborative fashion, helping us bridge the gaps and facilitate the transaction. Our property sold quickly and at a fair market value. I will undoubtedly call on Nick regarding any future real estate transactions that may be on the horizon for me. 

Bijan D.

Nick is our buyer agent for the current home. We worked together for almost one year before we finally sign the contract. During this process, Nick is very professional. Here are the values he brought to us: 1. Nick is super patient and never pushy, and sometimes he even helped us get patient, which was extremely helpful; meanwhile, he was always very actively looking for new properties based on our requirements. 2. Nick is very knowledgeable in all different aspects of real estate, including process, architecture, location, community, etc. We've learned a lot from him during the year. 3. We'd been changing our requirements and preferences over time. Nick did an excellent job in communicating with us very efficiently. We are very impressed that he could remember all of our adjustments and helped look for properties based on our adjusted preferences. 4. He is super honest and straight about the pros and cons of the properties. His suggestions very valuable for us to think about what we want. 5. Nick is very familiar with the Los Altos area and has a powerful ability to get deals for his customers. He has a solid ability to argue about the price and saved us lots of money. For example, he was able to get a pre-market house with a way lower price than the market price later (we did not move forward with it due to other reasons). Another example, for our current property, he helped us get it even though there was another buyer offering significantly more. 6. He provides a one-stop service, which means he can help with remodeling after purchasing the property. His vendor group saves us lots of time. Overall, he is a person who you can trust, and we certainly recommend him to our friends. We will go to him again if we want to purchase any properties in the future. 

Meng Z.

We have known Nick for 5 years and bought our two houses through him. Nick is very familiar with Los Altos. Before working with him, we had wasted a lot of time on looking around without clear plan. Nick found a very decent house with pleasant location for us although we had limited budget. We were very satisfied with the neighborhood based on our affordability. We wished we could know him earlier. Nick is very patient and never pushed us to overbid. He always provides his reasonable estimate on the house, even in the crazy market. Our budget is not very competitive in Los Altos market, but Nick can always find a way to help us achieve our goal. 

Meng D.

Nick is a great real estate agent. He always has your best interest in his mind, and always looks after you. We know Nick over 10 yrs, we brought our first house with Nick's help in 2010 in Palo Alto, since then we had a few real estate investment transactions with Nick and introduced all my friends and family members to Nick. We trusted Nick, it is our fortune we have Nick as our agent. Nick is incredibly patient, warm hearted and thoughtful. We know Nick through a friend's introduction in 2010, and we have been friend with Nick since. We consider Nick as friend and trusted adviser. 

Michael Z.

It's been a long while since we purchased our home in Los Altos with the help of Nick in 2014! I never thought about writing a review for that successful transaction on Yelp. But an aged experience may be more valuable to share! My first impression of Nick was that he was just like an old friend: warm, down-to-earth yet knows his business. We worked together for almost half a year before we finally purchased our current house mid 2014. Throughout that process, Nick showed us quite many houses (virtually once a week). He was very patient and never pushed us to buy. He knows the Los Altos area very well. He genuinely tried to understand what we wanted to buy and shared his honest opinions about every house we saw. Early on, we made a few offers and were outbid. For the house we purchased, there were multiple offers at that time. I still remember what he said to me in the phone when he introduced the house, roughly: "This house has a quite different style than those we looked at but I think you will like it very much". Indeed we really liked it (and so do we today!). Based on the past outbid experiences, Nick helped us make a proper adjustment in the offer and we got the house! Of course, the closing phase was all smooth. We got a nice surprise from Nick: a new Jacuzzi cover for free. After we bought the house, we stayed in touch. For example, Nick has been helping a relative of ours to write up an annual rental contract for their rental property (for free!). A couple years back, we recommended Nick to a friend couple who were buying a house. They picked Nick after some serious interviews with a few candidates;) And of course, they bought a new house with Nick! Not to mention, the Nick family's annual themed party always looks fabulous. All in all, I'd highly recommend Nick to anyone who is considering buying or selling in Los Altos and vicinity areas. Just speak with him and see for yourself. 

Haifeng J.

I've worked with Nick since 2013 on properties ranging from selling two previous homes, buying my current home, a few rentals, investments, and 1031 exchanges. Nick has been amazing in each and every experience. I've interviewed about 8-9 realtors in total and have been represented by three different realtors (separate completed transactions) before Nick. Nick has shown us houses from Belmont to Saratoga/San Jose and we even considered a few properties in Fremont. Nick is always very clear on what the benefits and drawbacks in every scenario and will coach as much as needed. Nick really listens and isn't pushy: he provided constructive input and taught me how to think about tradeoffs for myself. Early in our time together, I recall a place we liked in Cupertino that was many blocks from HWY 280 but on a road perpendicular to the highway. Nick pointed out that we should consider a different house on a road parallel to hwy 280 instead of the house on a road perpendicular and took us to listen to the noise difference in person. For our rental property he not only advised us on the type of renter to look for an help us screen out possible concerns. For our current home in Menlo Park, Nick was able to find us a great deal... a diamond in the rough... and advised us on how to remodel it for maximum comfort but also future return on investment. I really appreciate Nick's attention to detail and his willingness to share and teach but he never overwhelms. He can go through the evolution of each street in a neighborhood or sit down to explain each detail and potential risk of a home inspection, but if you want more of a "one-click" experience, Nick delivers on that, too. I had an investment property that a different agent was having trouble moving and was I sick of thinking about it: I called up Nick and asked him to just take care of it. Nick sold it three weeks later after a couple calls at a higher price than I expected. If there's ever an issue, Nick either resolves it the next day or makes sure to explain the schedule in advance and any potential risks. He is very proactive with updates for any changes or reminders for milestones or things that need to happen. He's even stepped in and covered for me more than once when I've been too busy and dropped the ball. I've never had to follow up. I've recommended Nick to every friend that I've heard wanting to buy a place in the SF Bay Area and will wholeheartedly continue to do so for anyone who will listen. 

Qi L.

If there were more than 5 stars, I would even support that. Nick is one of the best realtors in the industry specialized in the bay area market. He has been our go-to guy for all our real estate investments, gives un-biased opinion and a tradeoff pros/cons for us to make the decision each time. He is very personable, articulate and carries a lot of compassion. I have to yet to meet another person like him in the real estate industry. Go Nick! 

Sunil A.

I was introduced to Nick French ~ 15 years ago and since that time, I've had the pleasure to use him for 3 real estate transactions. In short, Nick is everything you could ever ask for in a Realtor. In 2010, newly married, we found ourselves in need of a larger house. Over the course of 9+ months Nick showed us nearly 100 houses, and not once did he show any sign of frustration with our inability to find a home that both my wife and I loved. We looked from Palo Alto to Los Gatos and everywhere in between before settling on a beautiful home in Willow Glen. The usually daunting paperwork was made quite simple and Nick handled all the contractors on our new home for plumbing, hardwood floors, etc. prior to our move-in. It was all seamless for us. And by-the-way we purchased for $75K below asking price. We kept our prior house as a rental for several years and Nick acted as our property manager during that time. Never had a problem that wasn't responded to and resolved, quickly. After 3 years we decided to sell and Nick served as our agent. Again, no issues and we received multiple offers over asking price. In early 2020 we again found ourselves in need of Realtor services to sell my parents house and using Nick was a no-brainer. His knowledge of the local markets was extremely important, especially during the turbulent times of the pandemic. Nick managed the fix-ups needed by hiring one contractor at a time (due to Covid rules), so the house was ready for sale during a lull in the pandemic in the spring. Nick arranged for the sale/donation of the house furnishings, and even offered to take care of selling my father's car. There is nothing too big or small that Nick won't do to please his clients and relieve the stress during an admittedly stressful time. 

Jim M.

We worked with Nick to buy our house in 2016 and cannot emphasize enough how great he was to work with. Nick is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and was able to help us find our dream home. We always felt he had our best interests at heart, rather than just trying to make commissions on home sales Being first time home buyers, we were super stressed by the entire process. But Nick was with us every step of the way and made the home buying experience enjoyable. He was very patient and responsive with our questions, and made sure he really understood the type of home we were looking for. Even after the sale, Nick made sure he kept in touch to see how we were doing and has helped us take care of home repairs. He is our go-to guy for all things real estate and has become a friend of the family. 

Avi N.

We purchased our first house with Nick, and are very happy with the property we settled on. We were fortunate to close the deal right before the pandemic started in Mar 2020. Nick made sure our offer was put together strongly and was very proactive during the last few moments that finally helped us close the deal over competing offers! During the search process, we visited quite a few properties together and learned a lot about factors that really matter. When he found the property that he felt made most sense for us, he didn't waste any time pursuing and ultimately helping us get it. In hindsight, it checks all the boxes we had in mind. Lastly, he streamlined the purchase and move-in process with a detailed timeline that covered key contractual milestones, documentation, utility setup as well as minor pre-move work so that we have a smooth and hassle-free experience. Given his domain expertise, professionalism, and strong referrals (personally know 5-6 friends who worked with Nick), we look forward to working with Nick again soon. 

Parikshit L.

Nick is an excellent realtor with great insight, a deep bench of experience and a perspective on the entire process that removes emotions and froth. During the last 8 years I completed four transactions all of which Nick identified and researched. Three were investment properties and one my primary residence. In all cases if it were not for Nicks insight and reputation I would not have been able to have my offers on purchases accepted and my sale price exceeded. I continue to work with Nick enthusiastically and look forward to completing another purchase soon. Bottom line is I am fortunate to have found Nick who I trust completely and know that he puts my interests first and foremost. I can assure you that you will have the same experience and relationship with Nick as I do. 

Wendy G.

I want to start out by saying that my wife and I are typically not the write reviews type. We always try to take reviews with a grain of salt because they are typically written by people with opinions on the extreme ends of the spectrum. With that said, the truth is often somewhere in the middle. My wife and I have been working with Nick for over 10 years. He has been instrumental in finding our forever home and also rental properties. Nick has a keen eye and excellent perspective of the Bay Area housing market. We find him to be prepared and extremely detail oriented. When we were preparing to sell our home, Nick handled all of the necessary repairs and staging. When we were preparing to move, Nick provided recommendations for storage and movers. When it was time to purchase the new home, Nick provided a detailed timeline of milestones (e.g. when the earnest money would need to be deposited, when the inspections would be done, when the contingencies would be removed, etc.) to easily track progress and know what is coming. Nick doesn't advertise and he doesn't have to. You won't see his picture on the side of the road or on a shopping cart or on TV pitching multi-million dollar houses. All of his business is conducted word of mouth and this only works if he is good at what he does. He will treat you like a life long friend and take care of your best interests. In our honest opinions, Nick is wonderful to work with and an amazing person on top of it all. He has been and will be our realtor. We have referred him to others and would have no qualms to continue to do that. 

Harry K.

Nicholas French has been my real estate agent for about a decade now. If I were to sum him up as a professional in two words, it would be "Just Incredible". He represented us with purchasing our first condo back in 2013. As first time home buyer's then, he advised us on all the things to look for in a quality home. The place we purchased back in 2013 in retrospect was the perfect place for us which he suggested after several meetings with me and my wife as we were going through the motions of what are must haves and nice to haves for the place we wanted to buy. After living there for several years, that was the perfect house for us at that time and so glad Nick helped us not only find it and also offer advise connecting with quality plumbers, electricians for some regular maintenance tasks as they presented themselves. Nick has always been there both as a real estate agent and friend when we have needed him, so much so that when it was time to upgrade to a bigger house recently there was no question around who would help us with our home search. Nick helped us find the perfect place once again and helped us with all the preliminary work before we moved into the house. Nick has always been there when we have needed advise, help with any repairs or questions of any type. No wonder he is one of the top real estate agents in the bay area and one of the most personable people I know. From personal experience of a decade, can recommend Nick for any housing needs you might have - buying, selling, renting or other. He will be your guy just like he has been for us and tens of families that I have personally referred to him. 

Aakash S.

Nick patiently spent over a year helping us find the perfect property and once we did, remained involved during our build process and provided amazing guidance and advice along the way. There were plenty of properties we liked along the way but Nick always provided honest advice about why the various properties wouldn't work even though his job would have been easier if we just picked one. I have found Nick to be honest and one of the most knowledgable realtors in the area and continue to recommend him to all of my friends. Don't hesitate to work with Nick! He will help you find your dream home! 

Pooneet G.

Wife and I were first time home buyers working with Nick. He came highly recommended to us by a friend. We began looking in the fall of 2019 and Finally closed on our perfect home in June 2020. It was a long process and we never felt rushed by Nick. He was honest with us about the pro's and cons of each location and educated us on the investment aspect of a first home. The long process was fruststars at times, but he was a steady partner and was helping us make sure we wouldn't be paying too much for a home given the circumstances with the pandemic housing market. Ultimately, we found a house in the perfect location that needed a little bit of work. He helped guide us on the key things to upgrade On the property and what to wait on. Over the last year since closing I have called and texted him multiple times for help and advice and he has always been happy to help. Down the line, when we are looking to sell, there's no doubt we will be contacting Nick to help sell our house and find our next property. 

Brandon G.

We worked with Nick both to buy and sell our homes. Nick was referred to us by another Realtor that I used to work with. She thought that Nick was a better fit for the area (Redwood City). Nick was very helpful and was with us every step to sell our home quickly with multiple offers. We were able to get far more for the home than we had expected. Then came the next step where we needed to find our next home in a very competitive market. We found a home we loved in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. Nick was able to get the sellers to accept our offer before the official "offer day" and we were able to get the home for a great price. If it wasn't for Nick tenacity and quick thinking, we would have been sucked into a bidding war for the home. Post sale, Nick has always been a great resource for us! Selling your home is an extremely stressful process and Nick is a great partner to make it so much easier! 

Mandy T.

Nick has been our realtor in several real estate transactions. Super smart. Super competent. Very high integrity. Goes above and beyond what we have experienced with other realtors. He takes personal pride and ownership in achieving the optimum result for his clients. Highly recommended. 

Michael P.

Worked with Nick a few years ago to get my house. Nick was very patient, never pushed on writing offer. When I was pregnant and wanted to pause the house hunt, he didn't push at all. He helped us find our dream house and then referred a nice architect. We are really happy with his professional service. 

d c.

Nick was recommended to me by a mutual friend (for whom Nick also served as her agent) when I was looking for a resident property in Los Altos. Unlike many other agents that seek to close a transaction as soon as possible, Nick took time to learn our needs and preferences and help educate us what virtues we should be looking for and what flaws we may have overlooked. Nick literally knows every house in the area. At one point, we were losing patience and thinking about placing a bid for an okay house, but Nick told us a potentially better choice was going to hit the market and suggested us to wait. We followed his advice and later Nick helped us beat out other offers even before the second house came to the market. Nick has become a great family friend since then. He has been a reliable help for all our real estate management tasks. He helped us perform the fix-ups since we bought the house and even supervised various projects since we lived quite far from the house at that time. He served as our seller agent and helped us sell our old house. He even connected to an agent in Washington State who later helped us acquire a property there. I have met with quite few real estate agents over the years, and Nick is by far the best. He puts client's interests first, and really enjoy helping clients finding their dream house. His attitude of focusing on long term relationship is what makes him so successful today! 

Hong T.

We have worked with Nick to purchase two properties in the Bay Area. In both cases, we had an extremely positive experience working with him. He took the time to understand our needs and preferences, and gave us usefuladvice on what to look for, what to avoid, and what to overlook. Nick's resourcefulness and knowledge ensured that we were looking at great properties as soon as they hit the market and were making the right bids, which ultimately resulted in us clinching the exact properties that we wanted. Over the years, we have stayed in touch with Nick, who has always been available to help us navigate various homeowner issues and also manage our rental property. We would not hesitate to work again with him again in the future. We have recommended Nick to numerous friends and colleagues, who are all happy clients. 

Abhi L.

We have known Nick for almost 14 years. He started as our buyer agent and helped us get our house in North Los Altos. He convinced us to choose this location over a couple others we were considering, and he is spot on with its neighborhood and price appreciation. He since then has become a family friend and great resource when it comes to house related issues. Nick not only is knowledgable about the real estate in this area, but also always demonstrates the utmost professionalism and integrity. He is patient, caring, and never pushy. We have never had any reservation referring him to our other friends! Regardless you want to buy or sell, I highly recommend you give Nick a call. 

J Q.

Nick was recommended by my friends who bought their dream houses with him in some of the most sought after neighborhood in the valley, and he didn't disappoint us! 2020 was long and challenged us in ways we never experienced before, despite that, we nailed 2 real estate transactions (sold our rental property and purchased a bigger house in North LA) in the same year, which was not possible without Nick's dedication and expertise. Nick has all the basic quality of a good real estate agent, what make him stand out: -Deep connections to the local community (especially Los Altos). We often received heads up from Nick before properties hit market, some months earlier. We are lucky to buy our house off market without fierce competitions -One-stop-shop service. Nick has assembled a crew of architect, general contractor, cabinet guy, floor guy, you name it when you need help -Deliver beyond expectations. Two examples: told us there was a high chance our house is qualified to be removed from the flood zone, and played the magic to make it happen; obtained the architect plan from the original owner when we decided to remodel -Those little personal touches. My son still mentioned from time to time the candies Nick brought to him, and we absolutely love Nick's gift of a customized Christmas tree ornament with our new house on it. Thank you Nick! 

Qiang Z.

We worked with Nick since 2015 and got our house in Los Altos. He understood the real estate market well and showed us different properties to zero in on what kind of houses and location we liked. He also walked us through the process of what could be easily fixed and upgraded, which allowed us to consider more types of houses that we were rejecting. What stood out that sets him apart from other agents was - Unlike other real estate agents, Nick was not at all pushy in getting us to close on a house soon. - Even on a house that we really wanted to close on, he recommended us very strongly to not go with it (and glad he did) because certain things like power line through the backyard and the location could never be changed even if the house looked nice from inside. - He would spot things in the house showing that were not evident to the untrained eye like this house looks more open because doors have been taken off. - Patience and getting to know exactly what we want. - He worked with us not only to get the house we wanted but also all sorts of contacts to get the house renovated, like pavers, hvac, hardwood flooring, etc - information about houses in los altos (like what to look for in a 1955 house - asbestos, etc) and contacts on how to get those things fixed. - Event few years after the house purchase, when we need something more for the house, we start first with Nick We have recommended Nick to our friends, who have also bought houses with him and are very happy. 

Pravir G.

Nicholas helped us find our family home, we worked together for almost a year. It wasn't an easy project considering we had a bunch of very specific criteria we wanted the new property to meet (e.g. guest space, school district). Nicholas invested time walking us through the buying process; we went to see plenty of properties to build a level of understanding of the market and a knowledge baseline for us to make the right trade offs and really be clear with ourselves with our priorities. Nicholas was always proactive in answering the multitude of questions we threw at him and he always did it with a smile on his face. We never felt pushed into a decision, he was simply there supporting us and offering critical perspective. In the past, we worked with other Realtors that were a way too pushy, with Nicholas we always felt we had the right level of support without being overwhelmed or pushed into a decision. Thank you for all the help to find our new home. Highly recommended 

Gianluca P.

We have known Nick for over 20 years. He handled the transactions for our last 4 homes, both as our buyer and seller agent, for the simple reason that he is someone who we can completely trust and depend on. He simply does a lot more than any other realtors we know and treats his clients as lifetime friends who he truly cares about. We have recommended Nick to several of our friends, and they couldn't have been happier. 

Adele C.

We love Nick, and recommend him. We had experience when finding our home in Los Altos, as he took the time to explain things to us. 

Marisa P.

We recently purchased a house with Nick after working with him for over a year. He helped us find the right neighborhood, explore different options, and figure out exactly what was best for our family and budget. His help continued after the purchase when we needed recommendations for contractors and handymen. Highly recommended! 

David M.

The negative reviews could not be any different from the experience we had with Nick -- he was absolutely wonderful, replaced every floor and repainted every wall in the house we had to sell, in the exact timeline he gave and staying on budget. Sold the house for more than we expected. Would not think twice about using him for any/all real estate needs we have (have referred him to friends who were also incredibly pleased with the job he did for them.) 

C P.

We worked with Nick in 2017 for our first home in the Bay Area. A family friend recommended him to us. We were completely new to the process and had only heard from friends and colleagues that it is huge challenge here in the Bay Area. But from the moment we met Nick until we got our home, Nick worked with us through every single step and made it much much easier on us. We met almost every weekend for about 3.5 months, looked at homes in Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Jose and Santa Clara. With each meeting our vision became more and more clear. Speaking with him and taking his advice on various aspects about choosing a home that we liked helped us make a good decision eventually. We finally bought our first home in a wonderful neighborhood in Santa Clara in April 2017. To this day we still contact him for anything related to our home, be it repairs, or advice related to some modifications etc. He replies to our messages and emails within minutes at any hour of the day. We can close our eyes and trust him and sleep peacefully knowing that he has our back. Apart from this he is also a really warm person and has been a good friend and part of our family for a long time and will be for the years to come. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in an instant. I can guarantee that he will work with you until you get what your are looking for and even afterwards. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with Nick. 

Shilpa K.

Nick was highly recommended by a friend group when we tried to move from a townhome to a single family house. Nick helped us got a house we wanted and during the process, earned our respect and trust. When we started, Nick first listened to our desire. Then he drove us around to look at different properties to further understand our desire and also helped us to zone in on our target. I remembered there were several properties we wanted to make offer or raise bid, but in the end, decided to hold based on honest feedbacks and research data Nick provided. After months of work, Nick truly understood what we were looking for. One weekend, he told me there were two properties he wanted to show us. But I wasn't feel well that weekend and wanted to rest at home. On Monday, he called me again and offered to pick me up from work so I could look at the house during lunch break. And of course, I fell in love with house. The same night 7pm, Nick helped us to draft up the offer... Fast forward, I am sitting in the house Nick help us to get and writing this review. I fell so lucky that we got to work w/ Nick. And I hope Nick continues to help other people w/ his passion and knowledge on local real estate market. 

Jun H.

We have known Nick for almost 10 years and were referred by two friends that had great experiences with him. Nick helped us sell our house and then subsequently buy another house and throughout both processes he was so professional, supportive and so reliable. Whenever we had a freak out moment or wanted to explore different options, Nick was there to talk us through everything and help us make the best option for us. Nick truly got to know us and our needs and was focused on our long term happiness and finding the right house that we would love. With the Bay Area market as insane as it is, Nick was always the calming voice that we needed for this market. Nick would give us his honest advice that helped us find the best house for us and we have been so happy to work with him several times. When we sold our house, it was the most stress free process and he handled everything from start to finish. We've continued to refer friends to Nick as well and he still supports us whenever we need a referral or help with house items. Nick is the most honest, reliable agent that we have met and we couldn't imagine working with anyone else. If you need an agent for the Bay Area I would 1000x recommend that Nick is the best agent for you! 

christy p.

Highly recommend Nick as a buyer's agent, we were able to purchase a house in our most desired location (north Los Altos), that met our selection criteria, and more importantly within our budget within a year of active searching. Nick is well connected in the surrounding areas, is very knowledgeable, and has a strong network of supporting services. For example, the seller was not comfortable with the loan provider that we had pre-approval from (very small firm), Nick was able to engage a more reputable financial firm over the weekend, and secured pre-approval quickly so the seller felt more comfortable signing the contract (which is critical since it was a very competitive market then). Beyond the houses on the market, Nick presented us sometimes houses for private sales, or houses that just fell through the contracting yet to be back on the market, so we had more options to evaluate. Nick is also very patient and doesn't mind going extra miles to make sure we are comfortable with our decisions. Without Nick, I don't think we were able to secure a house in North Los Altos that is good value for our investment. 

Grace X.

I worked with Nick to find my current rental in Los Altos and found him to be so honest and trustworthy, that when it came to selling my San Jose house late last year, I could not think of anyone better to trust with selling it. He did an amazing job and made the entire process simple for me. He advised on how to get the best price for the house by doing some relatively inexpensive upgrades which he completed arranged by himself without me having to do anything. These upgrades made all the difference. We got way more than I expected for the house and it sold in a very short time. The paperwork was simple and he even opened his office on a Sunday to make it more convenient for me. I could not recommend Nick more. When I am ready to rent another house or buy in the future, I would not consider anyone else but Nick. If you want someone who knows what he is talking about, someone who will only have your best interests in mind, Nick is that person. 

Mary H.

Nick helped us to buy our house when we moved to the Bay Area in 2016. We felt extremely lucky to have Nick's help and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for realtor service in the Peninsula and South Bay. He was extremely knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful and patient, which was incredibly helpful for someone like us who were new to the area. Most importantly we felt that he had our best interest as his priority instead of just closing a house as soon as possible. There were multiple times when we eagerly wanted to place our offer but he advised against it because he saw issues that we couldn't see. With his help we were able to get our house at a reasonable price and avoided a bidding war. We had multiple friends and coworkers using Nick's service and they were all very satisfied with it. Over the past few years after we purchased our house, Nick continued to be the go-to consultant for us about renovation, repairs, basically anything about home improvement and property investment. He is always extremely responsive and willing to help. 

Loretta Y.

Buying house is a special experience very close to ones heart. We have been knowing Nick since past 7/8 years now and he has helped buying/selling our house as well as many houses for our friends. He is the most knowledgeable, patient, honest realtor we have worked with. With him, we never felt pressurized and enjoyed the process of buying house thoroughly. With our first house, Nick spent significant time with us but we ended up buying a new construction without realtor. Nick still stayed in touch and was very enthusiastic to work with us again when we decided to go for our next house. Nick was very patient throughout the process, walked us through many many houses of different budgets, different areas patiently explaining pros and cons of each. Answered numerous questions we had throughout and understood our expectations well. He was also very careful with checking disclosures thoroughly, post contract process, explained us each and every step well, helped us through the documentation. What I loved the most about Nick is after buying the house, he was consistently following up and helping us (even now) with our house work / issues etc. introducing best of his contacts. All in all, I would highly recommend going with Nick, it has been amazing experience so far! 

Siddhi T.

I agree with every single word reading Mihir's review (the first one below), even though I do not know him in person. To us, Nick is not only our realtor, but is also a home remodel coordinator, legal consultant, and most importantly, our dear friend. Nick is recommended by a previous college classmate of mine who bought and rebuilt her home from Nick. Her reason of recommendation is that "Nick respects clients' financial privacy and is extremely good at bargaining, saving them tons of money". Our experience echos her words in retrospect. Nick helped us find a good home in about four months in Mountain View after several bids. This is considered to be fast, considering how crazy the bay area housing market was in 2015 and how my husband's preferences are far from those of mine. We did not work with other agents closely, yet we have been talking to friends who bought their homes recently regarding their experience with other realtors. Through these comparisons, we find some more specialty of Nick: 1) Nick is patient and willing to spend time with his clients. Except for one or two weekends because of other conflicting activities from our end, Nick showed us homes throughout the peninsular area one weekend after another. The way usually goes is that he sent out a list of interesting candidates for us, we ruled out some and then let him know which we would like to visit. Then we drove together to visit these properties one by one (usually on Saturday or Sunday morning). That takes about three hours per visit per weekend. 2) Nick is very conservative in pricing strategy, which means that he helps make sure you are not overpaying in this crazy market. Many realtors advise their clients to bid significantly higher than the ask price to secure the victory but Nick never did that. In contrast, he always warned us what might be the bank valuation could be and suggested us think twice of going over the market comparable. An example of this would be that we placed almost ten bids before getting our home. But every time the winning bid is within his max bid prediction but outside his recommended bid range (for market com parables). 3) Nick is good at pricing negotiation indeed! After some attempts we decided to change our strategy and look for homes that have been sit on the market for a while and enter negotiation. Nick helped us knocked off nearly $80k in total with a one-week contingency period which allows us to thoroughly inspect the home with our own inspectors, getting the bank valuation appraisal to make sure we are . All our friends are amazed by how much we could save in an soaring market like this. They all tell us how much they bid over the asking price because of the competition. 4) After Nick helping us get our home, we thought our conversations end here but it turns out just the beginning of a new phase! Our home was still occupied when we Nick volunteered to help us with the remodeling, including garden landscaping, wall painting, floor/carpet, window replacement etc. We planned a two-week new-year vacation abroad but Nick helped coordinate all the contractors' work during the time so that we could immediately move in when return. Isn't it amazing? No other realtor my friends hired ever did that for their homes. And I don't think it is possible without a strong network and commitment to his career. 5) Nick believes in long-term customer relationships - one thing that he did on regular time basis is to invite everyone to his parties or other fun activities. This helps us make local friends and share stories with each others as well. During one of his annual party in October, we met more than half hundred couples from all ages, skin colors and occupations, all claimed to buy their homes from Nick. Again, this is something never heard of via my friends. In summary, we strongly recommend Nick to anyone who would love to buy their homes in the bay area (especially along the peninsula). 

Flora T.

Many real estate agents promise to help supply resources after the sale of the home. Nick is the FIRST agent I have ever worked with who actually followed through and helps his clients after the sale of the home. He has vision for a homes potential and really helps his clients make that vision a reality. 

Ann Marie M.

This review is for my realtor, Nicholas French from Sereno. I was referred to Nick by a friend of mine who recently bought a condo through him. I was in the market for a townhouse, and was undecided on the area/neighborhood (Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Fremont, or Evergreen). After my initial visit where I talked about my preferences, Nick prepared a list of properties to visit over a weekend tour. He patiently listened to what we liked and dis-liked about each property, and towards the end of the day he could tell us before looking at the property what we would like/dis-like about each. I was very impressed at how quickly he learnt our taste. My wife and I had somewhat conflicting priorities, and were unsure on the neighborhood. For the next few weeks, Nick showed us properties in each of the neighborhoods, including Evergreen and Fremont. After visiting each property, he would tell us the pros and cons of each property. We ruled out Evergreen right away, but kept Fremont as an option while still looking at South bay. After a few weeks, Nick sent us a list of properties to visit for a weekend. I looked at it, and asked him to remove one of the townhouses that had fewer bathrooms than we needed. Nick insisted that we could easily fix that later, and it would cost us a lot less even after including the remodeling cost. The property satisfied the top requirements for both me and my wife otherwise, so we decided to look at the property. After seeing a the property, we liked it and decided to bid on it if we could indeed remodel the bathrooms to our needs. Nick called up the HOA and the Sunnyvale City Hall to inquire if there will be any issues with permits/etc. After confirming everything, he called me back with a rough estimate on how much it would cost us to remodel the place to our liking if we were to hire a licensed contractor and get the proper city permits (his estimate was fairly accurate. We got several estimates later from different contractors that were all in the same ballpark range). Nick also told us how much he thinks the TH would eventually sell for if we were to bid for it. We decided to bid about 3% less than Nick's estimate; and after a bit of bidding war we got the TH for the EXACT same amount that Nick originally estimated!!! This is experience, and it was tremendously useful for us. Nick worked very closely with the sellers agent, which gave us a fighting chance to get the property despite our low initial bid. Nick did not rush through the process at all during the entire search; and patiently showed us properties across south bay and east bay. He even advised us to NOT bid for a property we really liked because after studying the disclosures, he learnt that there were some rental restrictions on the property which would make it difficult to re-sell it in future. After completing the sale, Nick worked very closely with my mortgage lender (also recommended by Nick) to ensure a timely close. He got me in touch with several contractors and helped me come up with floor plan for our remodel too! An architect would have charged us a lot more for similar service that Nick provided for free, even when technically, his job of selling the house was done! He even communicated with the contractor regularly to ensure that our work is on schedule! It has been about 1 month since we bough the house, and Nick regularly calls me to check if everything is alright. Bay Area alone has over 30,000 realtors. There are several realtors who will provide you a rebate from their commission; but you really get what you pay for. Nick believes in long term relationship, and does not see a real estate transaction as just a means for a pay check. He truly earned our business, and I will be sure to recommend him to my friends and colleague looking for a house. If I had to do everything all over again, I would still chose Nick in a heartbeat. In summary, the things I really liked about Nick are: * Patient, learns your taste quickly, and does not rush you into a transaction * Can provide some out-of-box thinking that will save your a lot of money - much more than a rebate check from cheaper realtors will save! * Has a very detail-oriented eye, and can tell the pros/cons of the property within minutes of looking at it. * Can provide you an estimate on remodeling cost for each property, so you can factor that into your bid price * Has the experience to predict how much to bid for a property you like * Will work very closely with the sellers agent to ensure that you have a fighting chance in this hot real estate market where multiple bids are a norm! * Your relationship with Nick will not end once the sale is complete. He will help you with putting you in touch with contractors, ideas for remodeling, and follow-up with you often. Once our remodeling project completes, we will be sure to invite Nick for dinner. He has become a family member for us in several ways. I highly recommend Nick. 

Mihir G.