62 Days
$128,000 Investment
$350,000 Increase in Property Value

Practice what you preach! This was one of our investment properties and after owning it for over a decade, the decision was made to sell and venture into other real estate opportunities. The property, showing signs of age, required a makeover. Faced with two choices, we could either sell it as-is, allowing a buyer to take on the improvements, or invest the effort to present the property in its best light for the target buyer and command the highest possible price. Given its status as a starter-type property, potential buyers often have limited funds for renovations. However, by making the property turnkey, buyers could secure financing for a higher purchase price and attain the move-in-ready home they desire. Opting for maximum value, we undertook a comprehensive interior renovation, transforming this 1,170-square-foot home into a stunning masterpiece worthy of a magazine feature!

  • Prepared drawings and obtained city permits for kitchen and 2 bathrooms
  • Trimmed large trees, overall property clean up and installed new irrigation and grass in front and backyard
  • Removed 2-sided fireplace, installed support beam on existing piers
  • Stucco repairs and roof work at previous fireplace location
  • Relocated HVAC unit in hall closet to attic, which created a new linen closet
  • All new heating, air-conditioning and ducting throughout
  • All new copper water lines from street and throughout house including new water heater, laundry room box, etc
  • Installed hardwood flooring and refinished throughout
  • Demo'd and rebuilt both bathrooms with dryrot repair and other necessary repairs. All new bathroom fixtures, tile, lighting, shower glass, etc.
  • New gas line for oven range, new exhaust hood, all new cabinetry and fixtures in kitchen
  • New tile floor at laundry room
  • New lighting throughout including: recessed lighting, bathroom rough electrical, flush mount lighting, etc
  • Drywall work at bathrooms, kitchen and patches throughout
  • Plumbing work at bathrooms, fixed leaking pipes, etc
  • Painting throughout interior including walls, ceilings, doors, casings, trim, cabinets, etc
  • Complete exterior painting: trim, fascia, base, etc

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