30 Days
$59,230 Investment
$250K Increase in Property Value

From outdated to upgraded, this property underwent an impressive transformation in just 30 days! A decade ago I sold this gem to my single client who saw its potential despite its 1950s condition. Fast forward now, my client is happily married with a daughter and ready for an upgrade. We invested $59,230 to modernize the space and maximize ROI. I took care of everything from the construction management to the permit process, and even got rid of leftover personal items through donations and disposal. The result? $250K additional profit and a selling price of $200K over the next highest comp!

The Punch List:

  • Removed left over personal property through donations and disposal
  • Redid hall bathroom - Completed bathroom drawing and obtained permit through city process, gutted and rebuilt in entirety including all finishes and hardware
  • New countertops & cabinet painting
  • New appliances
  • Reworked suboptimal washer/dryer electrical & plumbing placement
  • New recessed lighting and exterior lighting
  • New fixtures/hardware
  • Repaired drywall throughout
  • Yard cleanup including sprinkler repair and new front landscaping
  • Interior and exterior painting

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