17 Days
$18K Investment
$200K Increase in Property Value

My clients purchased this home with me 18 years ago and were ready to cash in on their equity and move out of area. They updated sections of the home over the years, but when we discussed selling I had strategic improvements I wanted to complete to fetch top dollar. At first they were hesitant, but when they saw the finished product, they had wished they did the improvements earlier to enjoy – they had no idea the improvements could be done so quickly within such a reasonable budget. Working with me, my clients get the benefit of direct vendor costs and my general contracting project management experience. Within just 17 days, I transformed the property, investing approximately $18,000 and we realized a sales price that was $200,000 more than the exact comparable.

The Punch List:

  • Landscaping
  • Power-washed all hardscaping
  • Removed hot tub in backyard and safely removed electrical conduit
  • Repaired custom fencing
  • Seeded grass (previous dead patches) to bring fresh instead of replacing with new sod (more costly option)
  • Donated/disposed remaining personal property
  • Raised hallway ceiling to match remaining home ceiling height
  • Relocated HVAC ducting and electrical that was in previous hallway ceiling
  • Textured new drywall to match existing house
  • Fireplace modernization - existing fireplace had stone face that needed attention after raised ceiling – covered with shiplap siding
  • Painted interior walls, shiplap siding, kitchen cabinets, and front door
  • Removed ceiling fans and replaced with new flush mount lighting
  • Refinished hardwood flooring
  • Miscellaneous handyman items such as loose door knobs, minor electrical repairs, air filter replacement, etc

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