28 Days
$29,000 Investment
$300,000 Increase in Property Value

My client rebuilt their home in 2015 with the intention of it being their forever residence. However, life changes prompted them to seize an opportunity in a different location. Reluctantly, they decided to sell, recognizing that obtaining top dollar was paramount as the sale proceeds would fund their new home purchase. While the original remodel was of high quality, tailored to their specific tastes, a broader appeal was necessary to attract a larger pool of potential buyers. In less than 30 days and within a tight budget, I implemented key improvements, resulting in a more valuable property and securing a significantly higher price for my client. The transformation involved converting a 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom layout into a more functional 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom space, complete with a finished garage.

  • Prepared drawings, obtained city permit and completed work to convert laundry closet into a shower to make a powder bathroom into a full bathroom
  • Corrected tax records to properly reflect property details
  • Relocated laundry to garage and connected to existing drain system including new 220v outlet
  • Insulated, drywalled and painted garage to increase functionality
  • New epoxy to garage floor

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