In this case, my buyer had a “done” house on their wish list. But, a “done” house wasn't in their budget. I helped them visualize that they can get what they want by buying a fixer-upper and I could help. I managed 100% of the process from purchase to finish including:

  • Found the perfect fixer-upper for my client - a dilapidated original-condition 1950s house
  • Helped them visualize what it COULD be like
  • Engaged architect directly/completed plans
  • Got permits through city process
  • Managed construction, trades and selected finishes
  • Handed over keys to a finished product

The Punch List:

  • New windows
  • Enlarged sliding door system
  • Removed fireplace
  • Minor reframing to open doorways/make areas more spacious
  • Re-textured walls to modern, smooth finish
  • Modified master bathroom to make it larger
  • New kitchen and bathrooms
  • New roof
  • Worked with utility company and the city to upgrade electrical panel
  • New HVAC system and relocated it into attic to free up hallway closet
  • Custom mill work around exterior, redid interior casings and baseboards

We smile because we ended up in the house that he said we'd end up in two and a half years ago, and 2 years ago we finally realized he was right. We all joke about that to this day. Nick has so much experience and held our hands through our entire process, and I can say to friends that I care dearly about, you can do this with Nick.

Rob & Amy

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