Throughout the home-buying journey, I collaborated closely with my clients to uncover their priorities. We struck gold when we found the ideal property in a prime location. The seller opted not to invest in modernizing the home, presenting us with a golden opportunity. Leveraging this, we negotiated a significantly below-market price due to some functional obsolescence.

Post-closing, I immediately set to work, starting with drawing up plans for major changes to the primary bathroom and the kitchen layout. Navigating the permitting process with the city of Palo Alto, I oversaw the entire project, working closely with my skilled tradesmen to bring the vision to life. Interestingly, the selling family, following my progress on social media, reached out to express admiration for the transformative changes that modernized the home.

My clients are thrilled with the final outcome, and I am delighted to have been part of their journey — from the initial stages of house hunting to the post-move-in phase. From understanding priorities to delivering a dream home, I'm committed to being there for my clients every step of the way.

  • Planned and sketched proposed new bathroom design
  • Permit process through city of Palo Alto
  • Framed new bathroom walls, so not exposed to bedroom
  • Relocated plumbing, electrical and lighting
  • Redirected existing skylight for new bathroom location
  • Removed existing bathtub and canceled plumbing
  • Built-out new shower stall to maximize space
  • Worked with cabinet maker for custom vanity and built-in
  • Selected and installed custom tile work for shower, flooring and baseboard
  • Added new plumbing and electrical trim out
  • Installed hardwood flooring to bedrooms (removed existing carpet)
  • Refinished all hardwood with stain to change flooring color
  • Removed stone pony wall at kitchen peninsula and fabricated new peninsula cabinetry
  • Installed granite counters at new peninsula to match existing counters
  • Moved plumbing, electrical and installed new pendant lighting
  • Added a new wine cooler in place of removed trash compactor
  • Installed new heating system and water heater
  • Modified stone wall in backyard to open-up yard space and install stone cap
  • Interior painting at project locations
  • Deep cleaning prior to move-in

As clients, we are experiencing real estate like never before - a level of personalized service that goes above and beyond any Realtor we've ever encountered.


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