Victory is near! Can’t wait for my dinner at La Costanera!

So, I'm going to win a bet. Back in November, I bet a client that the Fed would hold interest rates steady in 2024 with maybe one cut. He thought there'd be three or more changes. At the time, it seemed logical. The economy was still healing, and with an election year coming, stability made sense.

In December, the Fed announced plans for a soft landing and expected rate cuts, making it look like I'd lose. The stock market reacted positively, buzzing with the Fed's confidence.

Fast forward to now, and my how things have shifted. The Fed's now focusing on stubborn inflation and economic growth, hinting at maybe one rate cut this year. This change has influenced the real estate market. Despite high rates, home values are rising because buyers are betting on future rate drops.

So, it looks like I’ll be winning that bet after all. And, I’m definitely looking forward to my dinner at La Costanera!

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