It has been such an amazing year watching our family grow in so many ways! Our boys love playing together and if they aren't building a fort in the house, they are outside building a contraption with whatever materials they can find. Melissa has done such an amazing job with their development both in educational opportunities and all kinds of sports. They are even getting into the business with their own short videos on my social media - go check it out if you haven't! I love coming home each night and sharing my day with my family. 

We had such an amazing time with everyone that attended our annual party - this year's theme, "Through the Looking Glass" was my favorite with the vibrant decorations, amazing food and live entertainment. We already have our idea on next year's theme and we hope to see you there!

I am blessed to have a job I love and enjoy working with families both buying and selling homes to reach their goals. I am proud that working diligently and hard for my clients has created opportunities and success for them. I look forward to many more opportunities and adventures together in the new year, both in business and as our family grows. May your family have a holiday season filled with laughter, great conversation, decadent foods and a new year of great experiences and success. 

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