This has been a year of reflection and appreciating simple things that we took for granted: giving hugs, going to the movies, enjoying community events and all the energy just being around people. I have been able to spend more time at home with my family, which has been a blessing and watching our two boys grow together has been priceless.

Melissa has been doing an amazing job encouraging their creativity and personalities and keeping them interested in learning. Grayson loves space and everything rainbow. He is our little thinker and is amazing at drilling down to the details, while Parker is our little scout and is not afraid to get right into the mix – he is our social butterfly, but don’t be fooled, he’s a great listener and quite strategic in his actions – I love watching every minute of their dynamic together and excited for 2021! While we could not vacation this year, we made the most of it while vacationing at our favorite local restaurants – who knew outdoor dining could be such an experience! I really missed our annual party this year – we had some great ideas, so saving them for 2021, so make sure to mark your calendar now for the first Saturday in October! We are optimistic 2021 will bring back many of the activities paused in 2020, so we are enjoying this experience and looking forward to more intimate interactions with family and friends in the new year.

I feel blessed to have a job I love and enjoy working with families both buying and selling homes in order to reach their goals. I am proud that working diligently and hard for my clients has created opportunities and success for them. I am looking forward to many more opportunities and adventures together in the New Year, both in business and as our family grows. May your family have a holiday season filled with laughter, great conversation, decadent foods and a new year of great experiences and success.

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