It has been a blessing to have such wonderful family time over the past few years. Our boys are at an amazing age where each corner brings new adventures and opportunities to learn. I often hear the cliché kids grow fast and I’m watching that first hand, so I am mindful of each wonderful moment with my boys and amazing wife. Melissa continues to work tirelessly making sure the boys have amazing opportunities to learn new things and explore the world. Practically every day when I come home from work my boys are playing together in some new way while mom is preparing dinner. They are truly best friends. According to Grayson’s Kindergarten teacher, he is one of the most social kids in class — who knew?! Parker is growing into quite the leader and has no hesitation leading the way. We spent much of the year near home and continuing to make new traditions. We are looking forward to next year and hopeful we can bring travel back into the mix.

I really missed our annual party this year, again – we had some great ideas, so saving them for 2022, so make sure to mark your calendar now for the first Saturday in October! We are optimistic 2022 will bring back many of the activities paused since 2020, so we are enjoying this experience and looking forward to more intimate interactions with family and friends in the new year.

I feel blessed to have a job I love and enjoy working with families both buying and selling homes in order to reach their goals. I am proud that working diligently and hard for my clients has created opportunities and success for them. I am looking forward to many more opportunities and adventures together in the New Year, both in business and as our family grows. May your family have a holiday season filled with laughter, great conversation, decadent foods and a new year of great experiences and success.

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